Monday, September 19, 2011

Food for friends...

We had a couple of friends round for dinner on Saturday night - the craic was great, great food, great wine, great Coke for Fergus (of the liquid variety!) and most of all great company!

It was the aforementioned Finicky Jules and Fergus so I couldn't serve any of Neptune's bounty - blame apportioned to Jules here and not Fergus!!!.

Above we have Moi, Jules and Fergus.

I give ye the one photo taken that was in anyway food related...

I made an amuse bouche of Gazpacho which was served in a shot glass.

Followed by Black Pudding and apple stack with my cider, honey and chili dressing served on baby salad leaves.

For mains we had individual Beef wellingtons, served with a port and red wine jus, twice baked leek and cheese souffle, green beans and superb fondant potatoes - I used the oil from Friday's confit duck legs for these and believe me it's as good a reason as ny to confit a duck leg!

Dessert was Billy's chocolate fondants which turned out just right, served with my Rum & raisin Ice cream.

Nom, nom, nom!!!

I saw this downtown in Carrig Donn on Saturday and had to have it - we're not huge into cupcakes - see previous entries on Weightwatchers but I was thinking how cute it would be to serve a cheese course on this.

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