Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parcels and presents!

'Twas great to answer the door to the postman this morning and get a package from him. Our copy of the Cliff House Hotel cook book, sat down with my porridge with raspberries and blueberries and drooled over the pages with their gorgeous recipes, I have earmarked a few already for our culinary delectation and delight!

I am delighted to say Billy and I are going to the Cliff House in October, a great little plan by yours truly! Our birthdays are 8 days apart in October and to be honest there's not much we need in the way of stuff for birthday pressies - ask Billy what he wants and the reply is "get me a book please" - you should see the amount already in his to read pile! Anyway last month I had just got the new copy of Food and Wine magazine and it had their annual awards in it and the winner of the restaurants category was Gregan's Castle so the typical light bulb moment ensued - for OUR birthday we would go and stay and dine in Gregan's in Co Clare, the following night pay a return visit to The Old Convent in Tipperary and round it off with a night in Cliff House. I am salivating already at the thoughts of our birthday present, 'twill be one of the best yet!!!

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